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Kodo Atelier Candle Care Kit- black

Kodo Atelier Candle Care Kit- black

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Seductive and sensual or bright and brilliant, Kōdō fragrance blends are expertly crafted in tradition to arouse the perfect mood that lasts in memory. 

In order to sustain your Kōdō candle and ensure its longevity and burning quality, it’s imperative that you treat it with the utmost care. This combined Candle Care Kit features a Candle Snuffer and Wick Trimmer elevated with a small Kōdō logo.

- Candle Snuffer -
Avoid any problems associated with blowing out a lit candle and minimises smoke and odours whilst helping to keep the wick’s integrity.

- Wick Trimmer -
Easily and effectively trim your candle’s wick to 3-5mm to prevent an oversized flame and the wick from mushrooming.

The Kōdō Candle Care Kit is a necessary accessory in your home.



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