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Lipstick and Thread- CHANEL Lipstick 'Beige Brut' - #812

Lipstick and Thread- CHANEL Lipstick 'Beige Brut' - #812

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In collaboration with CHANEL beauty ‘Rouge Allure L'Extrait' lipstick collection.
Shade - 
Beige Brut' - #812

25 x 20cm, white timber box frame

About Lipstick and Thread
From the maker- Teneille Sorgiovanni
"As an international Makeup Artist with 15 years experience in the fashion industry and a background in art, I looked at the expired lipsticks in my makeup kit that no longer held a place or were safe to apply on models as an alternative painting medium.
I loved the colours, different textures and luxury of these lipsticks. Where they would normally be destined for landfill, Ive recycled them into beautiful artwork pieces for the home." 

Lipstick and Thread plays on layers of colour, shape and form in an abstract expression.

When working on linen, fabric is manipulated to create unique borders before conditioning it to act as a canvas. Once they are primed, lipsticks are then applied with different sized palette knives to achieve my desired result. The beauty of this process is seeing the lipstick takes it's own path: bleeding into the linen and shifting shape (similar to the way in which it can bleed into edges of lips). 



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